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Ian Fenellly’s new book Layers of Looking inspires readers to tell the story of their sketching adventures, the people they meet and the places they explore when they grab their art materials and head outdoors. Through Ian’s vibrant watercolour sketches and amusing anecdotes he shows how to
  • choose a subject + find the story
  • capture the personality of the subject
  • enjoy well-being through art
  • overcome sketching obstacles
  • learn creativity through observation
  • express yourself with colour
Featuring sketches provided courtesy of

Urban Sketch Beginner's Course

Join Ian Fennelly on this incredible journey as he takes you step-by-step from blank page to confident and competent urban sketcher.

You’ll learn everything, from Ian’s methods for picking perfect locations, to his unique pen work techniques, choosing and applying the right colours, attaining perfect proportions, simplifying your work, mastering perspective, drawing on paint and so much more.